Using the fediverse/Mastodon for comments on blogs

Yesterday I moved away from Jekyll to build this blog (see more).
But while doing that, I also moved away from Disqus for handling the comments on my blog.
This wasn't a trivial move as it was hard to keep the old comments. I realized late that I was bound to this provider.

A nice list of self-hosted solutions is available on But I was scared about the maintenance and hosting cost of such option.

As a long time user of Matrix, I gave a try to Castus Comments, but it was a bit too complex to manage.

I finally ended up discovering a very simple snippet on This uses the Fediverse to expose comments on a static blog. So all the credits go to, and

This is just perfect:

I can only think about three downsides so far:


You can use your Fediverse (i.e. Mastodon, among many others) account to reply to this post
(Note that comments from locked accounts won't be visible on the blog, but only to me)