Jetpack runner

Here is the very first release of Jetpack runner. This firefox extension built on top of the Addon SDK is a personal project that aim to ease development of firefox extension using the SDK. It is a great exhibit of SDK capabilities as we can now develop such tool using the SDK itself! For now, to create an addon you need to go thought a python application that only has a command line interface: cfx.jpg This is painfull to install and even more annoying to use on Windows as there is no really decent command line interface. Finally, if we compare to chrome extensions, we only need chrome to build an addon! This leads me to build a Firefox extension, that can be really easy to install in Firefox and allow to build really cool interfaces to create, run and test your addons.

Jetpack runner features:


Jetpack runner first steps:

On extension installation, a tab opens automatically on "jetpack:" url, the main jetpack runner interface. That allow to download and install a precise SDK release: jr-first-run.jpg Then it displays a list of packages provided by addon SDK. "addon-sdk" is the main package to play with. jr-packages.jpg After clicking on "Create addon" button, you would easily create a new one by filling obvious form and selecting a template addon: jr-templates.jpg And then, you end up on your newly created addon package page, where you can run it, execute unit tests or download as a firefox extension XPI file: jr-addon.jpg

Jetpack runner!!!

Last but not least, here is a link to install it or to checkout the source.

Firefox Extension:

Source code:
Github project