jsctypes + win32api + jetpack = jetintray

JSCtypes! What a powerfull tool, that allows to call native libraries with our simple Javascript.
Jetpack! What a powerfull tool, that allows to build reliably javascript applications, with unittests, memory profiling, web IDE, ...
And WinAPI ... a giant C library still in production in 2010 that allows to do very various things on Windows platform.

Mix all that and you get:


A jetpack API for adding Tray icons on windows via jsctypes and on linux with a binary xpcom component (I didn't had time to work on a jsctypes version).
You may checkout this jetpack package directly from github.
Or if you want to learn jsctypes I suggest you to look at files in lib directory and to read my two previous posts on jsctypes.

That said, I wanted to highlight some underground hacks around win32api! In WinAPI, there is no addEventListener/setEventCallback/addActionListener/... In fact, there is the well known WndProc messages function, that receives absolutely all event of the application!! (Yes for real!) We define this function as a static function named WndProc. But in Jsctypes case, that's impossible to define a static function, we can only create function pointers. That's where comes the not so known hack which allow to register dynamically such event listener.


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