Session per tab in Firefox

The brand new version of Yoono, Yoono7 brings a long-awaited Firefox feature: the possibility to sign-in on the same website with multiple accounts in different tabs or windows.

Althought this new feature is a big technical challenge, for the end user, it's really simple and non-intrusive! This feature only add one simple "profile" selector on the left of the URL bar : urlbar-global.png This is the default status of the selector, it simply says that the current firefox behavior is "as before", using the same global session for all tabs.
Let's look it when we enable session per tab on different profiles : urlbar-gmail.png urlbar-facebook.png urlbar-witter.png

When you start the browser, open a bookmark, do a search or enter manually an URL, your request is loaded with the default global session (ie "as before"). But when you select a profile with this selector, the current tab is reloaded in order to use one specific totally independant session. Futhermore, if this website open a new tab or window, or if you click on a link, the new tab, window or webpage is going to use the same specific session.

But let's see how to use this feature from the beginning.
  1. perso-add.png default-menu.png First, we create one session linked to a personnal account. In this example I take gmail, but it can be any website : twitter, facebook, flickr, ... whatever! To do so we click on the profile selector and get menu on the left and we click on "+ new profiles" and get the right's one.
  2. We are redirected to the homepage URL, where we must sign-in for this personnal account: poirot.alex. perso-signin.png
    And we are now signed in for this "Personnal gmail" session : private-signed.png
  3. add-pro.png Then, we do the same for one professional account: yoono.test.
  4. home-private.png Later, we can reopen one of these sessions directly to the homepage with the profile selector and get automatically signed in. The "switch to" link doesn't go to the homepage and only reload the current tab with the selected session (very usefull for Facebook connect, sharing, ...). private-signed.png

So we can open as many different account in multiple tabs or windows!

Important note:

The current version of Yoono7 doesn't allow custom profile creation. The only profiles you can use is the ones automatically created for each account registered in the yoono's sidebar. But watch for the next minor releases of Yoono7, we are going to ship all this very soon!

Another demo of this feature in video:


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