Yoono Desktop Portable

Here is a new Yoono feature that really need some emphasis!

Yoono Desktop Portable

This new version allows you to launch the Yoono's social network aggregation tool directly from a usb key. And the most important point is that your profile is saved on it, so no personal data is saved in the computer you're using and all your settings and socials updates travel with you.
The icing on the cake is that it's even more "portable" than just that! You can even launch this application on Windows AND MacOS!!!

Only two steps to test this :


The only drawback is usb drive read/write performance. Depending on drive model Yoono Desktop appears to take long time to load. But we are going to gain a huge speed up with current work on mozilla platform about startup performance. So don't forget to check out yoono desktop portable when Firefox 3.6 is out! (release planned before the end of the year)