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Addon SDK 1.11 - the Page-mod Release

page-mod API is the most commonly used API in jetpack. It allows to execute Javascript piece of code against any given website. It is very similar to greasemonkey and userscripts.

In Addon SDK version 1.11, which is due for October, 30th, we will bring various subtle but very important fixes, features and improvements to this API. In the meantime we will start releasing beta versions on tuesday (09/25) with 1.11b1.

Here is an overview of these changes:

  1. You will now be able to execute page-mod scripts to already opened tab, by using the new attachTo option. [bug 708190]

  2. With the same attachTo option, you can execute page-mod scripts only on top-level tab documents, and so avoid being applied to iframes. The following blogpost goes into detail about this new option. [bug 684047]

  3. page-mod now ignores non-tab documents like: panel, widget, sidebar, hidden document living in firefox’s hidden window, … [bug 777632]

  4. Your addon will be more efficient as we removed some costly workaround: the Javascript proxies layer between your content script and the page. We are now relying directly on C++ wrappers, also known as Xraywrappers. We are expecting a major improvement in term of memory and CPU usage. As this change depends on modifications made in Firefox, it will only be enabled on Firefox 17 and greater. [bug 786976]

  5. Content scripts are now correctly frozen when you go back and forth in tab history. Before that, your content script was still alive and could throw some unexpected exception or modify an unexpected document. [bug 766088]

  6. Random fixes: and window.parent will be correct for iframes [bug 784431].

  7. Last but not least and still at risk for 1.11 release. You will be able to extend priviledges of your content script to extra domains. So that your script will now be able to execute some action on your own domain in addition to the current page domain, without facing cross domain limitations. This rely on some improvements being made to Firefox and will only be enabled on Firefox 17+. [bug 786681]

It is realy exciting to see our most used API receiving so many improvements and I hope that we fixed most of the long-living issues you may have faced with page-mod!!

We would really like to get your feedback on these changes. If you find anything wrong, please, file bugs here and do not hesitate to come discuss with our team in the mailing-list