Jetpack localization using YAML format

In a previous post, I've described my first proposal for localization support in jetpack addons. I've decided to change locale files format for YAML instead of JSON. During MozCamp event, folks helped me identifying some pitfalls with JSON:


# You can add comments with `#`...
Hello %s: Bonjour %s         # almost ...
hello_key: Bonjour %s        # wherever you want!

# For multiline, you need to indent your string with spaces

# Plural forms.
# we use a nested object with attributes that depends on the target language
# in english, we only have 'one' (for 1) and 'other' (for everything but 1)
# in french, it is the same except that 'one' match 0 and 1
# in some language like Polish, there is 4 forms and 6 in arabic
# So that having a structured format like YAML,
# help us writing these translations!
  one: "%s telechargement"
  other: "%s telechargements"

# I need to enclode these strings with `"` because of %. See note after.

// Get a reference to `_` gettext method with:
const _ = require("l10n").get;

// These three forms end up returning the same string.
// We can still use a locale string in code, or use a key.
// And multiline string gets its `\n` removed. (there is a way to keep them)
_("Hello %s", "alex") == _("hello_key", "alex") == _("multiline", "alex")

// Example of non-naive l10n feature, plurals:
_("pluralString", 0) == "0 telechargement"
_("pluralString", 1) == "1 telechargement"
_("pluralString", 10) == "10 telechargements"

Advantages of YAML

As nothing comes without any issues, here is what I've found around YAML:

Again, feedback is welcomed on this group thread and you can follow this work in bug 691782.


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